We Love Zukki~


The Scream - Zukki ver.

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This girl is MM’s future…!

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The same to you. You have a cute smile.

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The number one Zukki hater (Aitor) is in the REALLY embarrassing video of when he meets Ai, and just acts like a dweeb, please post it, just so he can get the same ridicule he tries to put on Zukki.

I’m sorry, I have no idea who you’re talking about… 

Even if I did though, I still wouldn’t post it. This tumblr is to appreciate Zukki, not to give attention to those who say negative things about her!

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Made a new wallpaper for my laptop today :)
And I’m sharing it here with you guys as well, I hope you like it. 

The size is 1366x768 :)

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Password is Zero parts 2-5

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