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Suzuki Kanon - Tiki Bun 

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Suzuki: For the 9th Gen, it means that we don’t have any senpai in the group, and it’s put us under huge pressure. Still, I’m rather having a sense of loss with it. I got into Morning Musume around when Takahashi-san became the leader. So, to me, Michishige-san’s graduation means that the Morning Musume I wanted to join is vanishing and the last member of that period is leaving. In this sense, as a Morning Musume fan, I’m filled with sorrow.

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Suzuki: I somehow happened to have many chances to be all alone with Michishige-san in a dressing room. Although I don’t ask others for any advices usually, one day I asked Michishige-san’s advice on my desperate worry. Then she gave me an advice which was expressed and delivered carefully to make me feel relieved. She’s truly a reliable and relieving one.

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Suzuki Kanon looking beautiful as usual ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Public apologies to the fandom - by Aitor.


Hi, well, I’m the well-known Aitor. I’m not well-known because of my good actions. I know it’s the complete opposite. I want to explain my situation first:

This year hasn’t been my year at all… It’s been stressful, chaotic, hard and desperating. When things are like that I just get angry at everything, I’m just like this (I’ve discovered that this year, never been this way before).

Today, after all the struggling, I’ve reached my goal. I’ve been announced that I’m accepted in the university I worked hard and suffered for to be in. That’s why I felt it was time to say I’m sorry.

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